A GAY FAIRY TALE
Some time ago in a land far away, an old King said to his handsome young son, the Prince, “My boy, you’re now 21 and it’s time you got married.”

So the Prince saddled his trusty horse and rode to the cities of neighboring countries seeking a suitable partner.

A few months later he returned home, unsaddled his horse and took his prospective partner to meet his father.

The King was horrified.  “You can’t marry another Prince!” he cried.  “You can only marry a Princess.”

“But we love each other!” exclaimed the Prince.  “Why can’t we marry?”

“Because it’s wrong,” said the King.  “If you marry, you’ll have sex and the Bible says that men having sex with other men is a no-no.”

“But the Bible also says that slavery is okay,” retorted the Prince.  “And yet we don’t allow slavery in our Kingdom.”

“That’s because it’s harmful to the slaves,” said the King.

“Judging something by whether it causes harm is a good idea,” replied the Prince.  “Let’s also use it to judge sex between men.  Such sex could be harmful, but if it’s done right with caring love and no harm to either man, then it seems okay to me.”

He continued “And my lover and I will make sure we don’t harm each other in any way.”

After thinking about it overnight, the King conceded that the Prince was right.  “You have my blessing,“ he said.  “The marriage will be next month.”

“Thanks, dad,” smiled the Prince.

For INFORMATION showing that one can be both a Christian and actively gay or lesbian see the Gay and Christian site. 

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